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Will I ever be able to by a home again if I file for bankruptcy in Michigan?

A lot of people come in to the office and say, “Gee, my mom and dad told me that if I did a straight bankruptcy, I’d never be able to buy a home again.” Well that isn’t true. There are thousands and thousands of FHA and VA assumable loans. You will have to save up a little bit of cash, but you can buy property again almost immediately.

How much will I pay for a Bankruptcy in Michigan?

It is important to realize that all fees in Bankruptcy cases are monitored by the Bankruptcy court. Fees for your particular case will depend on your circumstances. With a simple straight forward Chapter 7 case, you will pay a flat fee. If your case is more complicated, the fee will be adjusted accordingly. Make sure that you have a written retainer agreement with your lawyer. Also, make sure that you determine who is paying for your credit counseling, credit report, filing fee and financial management counseling. If you have any questions about Bankruptcy in Michigan, call Attorney Mike Shovan with the Bay Area Bankruptcy Clinic at (877) 233-9389. Michael J Shovan PLC is a debt relief agency and we help people file for bankruptcy under…

How do I pick a good lawyer for my Bankruptcy in Michigan?

The most important thing in dealing with any lawyer is there response time. Do they return your calls promptly – within 24 hours or by the end of the next business day. Or – do you have to call and beg for a response. At the Bay Area Bankruptcy Clinic, I promise to return your call or respond to your email or fax within one business day of your request. For example, if you call me on Monday, I will respond to you no later than the close of business on Tuesday. I have had to hire attorneys myself. I have written big checks to lawyers only to be “blown” off. It is frustrating and, quite frankly, it is not tolerable. I promise to stay…

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