Scam Alert – Global Client Solutions & The World Law Group rip off Michigan couple!

Michigan Bankruptcy SCAM ALERT.

I just retained a client who had been scammed by Global Client Solutions based out of Tulsa Oklahoma and The World Law Group based out of Austin Texas.

These slick grifters convince people that they can eliminate all of your unsecured credit card debt in as little as 4 years. My new client bought in to this “hoo haa” and spent themselves broke trying to pay off their creditors while Global Client Solutions and The World Law Group raked in thousands of dollars and did nothing. The client ended up getting sued by their credit card companies – but not to worry (according to The World Law Group) – as they had agreed to provide all of the pleadings and other legal papers you would need to defend yourself in a law suit. This all sounded well and good until this poor, unwitting client filed the paper work provided by “The World Law Group” and got laughed out of the court house – with a judgment against them in hand.

People – wise up! These rip off artists from Texas, Oklahoma, California and Florida (the land of a million cons) – know that they can steal your money without recourse. After they take all of your money – they know that you will never be able to retain a lawyer to sue them in their state – because you’re broke!

These cons and the big banks spend millions on advertising to “poo poo” bankruptcy with mistruths and lies about the process and its effect on your credit. The US Bankruptcy laws are the most powerful laws in the free world – why did GM file bankruptcy? Why didn’t GM just call a “con” company like Global Client Solutions and The World Law Group to settle their debts?

Make room Bernie Madoff – hopefully you’ll have some new cell mates.

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