Bankruptcy & Student Loan Help

Filing for bankruptcy in Michigan is scary. It’s even worse if you don’t understand how the Bankruptcy Laws work to make your life better. If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy in Michigan I can help you.

Learn how the Automatic Stay stops any action by any creditor including stopping garnishments, reposessions and foreclosures. I will evaluation your situation and explain how the Exemption Laws allow you to keep your house, your car and your 401k and all your other property to guarantee that you get a fresh start. Make an informed decision about whether Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy would help you the most.

Just about everyone I talk to has questions about their Student Loans. Learn about your repayment options with Federal Student Loans and your options with Private Student Loans as well as Parent Plus Loans and your rights as a Student Loan Co-Signer.

Call (989) 233-9389 or fill out the Contact Form – stop the stress and let the healing process begin. Make informed decisions.

My mission is to help you just like I have helped thousands of other clients. My only wish is for your success.

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Mike Shovan

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